Remark / 备注 :

In A Month More Than 10Days Order Is Included Delivery Fee And Less Than 10Days Order Will Extra Charge On Delivery Fee.
同一个月里面, 订单天数少于10天将会被征收送餐费(费用将根据送餐地址而定)

Inform A Day In Earlier For Cancellation Meal With Replacement Date Will Replaced Within A Month Period Only

Fee Forfeites If Cancelling Delivery On Last Minute Of The Day 当日临时通知取消送餐费用将作废

If There Is Any Unavailable Veg Dishes Will Replace With Any Alternate Veg Dishes Of The Day 如有任何菜肴缺货公司会以另外菜肴补上

Note / 注明 :

All Payments Are Not Refundable 付款项将不作以退还
The Catering Fees Shall Be Paid In Advance First 伙食费在即日起付款
All Orders Must Be Submitted 2Days In Advance 预定者必须提早两天呈交预订单

Our catering consultants will contact you to confirm the order within 2 working days upon receiving your order.
If you do not hear from us,please contact or whats app to our careline @ 018-2260660.

Agree 同意 Not Agree 不同意